Andrew Fox, MS, HHP, CSCS, PES




To endeavor for the health of all people of any age and provide the best experience possible. To help and care for all we work with regardless of athletic caliber, from sports performance to rehabilitation. We are an enthusiastic, positive, high energy group of professionals who are willing to work hard to achieve the highest goals imaginable.
  Andrew Fox




  • Head Nutritionist for doctors, universities, clinics and professional athletic facilities - design general team programs and customized nutritional programs for athletes and clients of all levels, from healing and weight loss to muscle gain and performance
  • Professor/Instructor - Teaching and instructing classes on Exercise Science, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Nutrition and Wellness
  • Certifying agent for students as Personal Trainers, Holistic Nutritionists and/or Wellness Coaches
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Performance Specialist – trained professional athletes, professional sports teams, Olympic teams, D1 college athletes as well as cover models, actors and celebrities for roles
  • Owner and operator of TrueLife Fitness & Wellness, Inc. – Head director of Fitness & Wellness over 3 gyms and 3 offices
  • Authored (2) published titles for TrueLife, Inc. entitled Balanced Life and Get Skinny! The Organic Way, started TrueLife Publishing
  • Created True Nutrition – Professionally made and packaged food bars (were available at stores nationwide) and nutritional meals designed to fit each individual's specific nutritional requirements
  • Director of Education for top gyms in America - Trained and instructed over 200 certified personal trainers to bring them up to Equinox's goal of having the highest quality trainer clients could find
  • Consultant for training and nutritional facilities, organizations and corporations brought on for anything from corporate health and wellness, to designing training programs and protocol, to researching and designing nutritional programs, supplements, food and bars
  • Advisory board member for UCLA, Cancer societies of America, clinics and other local and national organizations
  • M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion

  • B.S. in Sports Management Minor in Fitness and Wellness

  • N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer, Optimal Performance Trainer

  • N.C.E.P. Head Nutritional Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Wellness Coach

  • A.C.S.M. Group Fitness & Exercise Specialist

  • N.S.C.A. Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

  • N.A.S.E. Performance Specialist
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